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Behind the Decks

DJ Kewl Brez was born on the South Side of Chicago and developed a love of music at an early age. He was 13 years old when he started spinning at parties using his mother’s records and one turntable. Since 1990, DJ Kewl Brez has impressed crowds with his turntable skills and musical versatility. Music has allowed DJ Kewl Brez to play in Spain, Germany, Hawaii, Panama, Japan, Guam, Dubai, Jamaica, and numerous states in the U.S. DJ Kewl Brez satisfies his passion for sharing good music through his collaborations, mixtapes, live shows, and taking fans on a musical journey each set. His love of music shines through in everything he does. ​ “I love music because it's the language the world speaks. No matter your race, status, or how much money you got in your pocket, when the right song drops we are all united in that moment”. -DJ Kewl Brez

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